Why Social Media Isn’t Helping Your Pilates Business, Part 1

You spend hours liking, posting, commenting and curating. You follow back and watch your followers number grow, or not. You’re advertising your classes, privates, and studio and yet you do not see the payoff. Why is it that no matter how much time you spend on your Social Media it isn’t driving new clients to your classes or studio? Does it really just take more time?

Yes, no and maybe so. I wish the answer was easy, but it’s not. In this two part series, let’s first talk about what NOT to do, and I’ll follow up with Part 2 with what TO do.

The truth is, when it comes to Social Media and growing your business you’re probably doing it wrong. Even when this whole time you’ve most likely been following all the “rules” such as:

  • post consistently
  • use hashtags (#besearchable)
  • follow back
  • like and comment on others pictures
  • maybe even “boost” a post or three (please don’t start doing this if you haven’t without having a marketing strategy).

Woman sitting at laptopWhy, if you’re doing all the things is your business not growing? You might even have thousands of followers and still not a lot of new business to show for it. Should you just quit the Social Media altogether?

Before you throw the Instagram out with the bath water or ditch posting on your Facebook profile, page or group, take a look at the list below and see what you might be doing that’s not helping your cause.


1. You’re showing how great YOU are at Pilates
Posting pics of you doing Pilates is fun right?! I love it too. And, yes I even do it. But, all those likes and followers tend to be other Pilates instructors and studio owners. Which is awesome and I’m thankful for them. However, if my intention behind posting those pictures of me doing Pilates was to get the client down the street to come in, then I’m not helping myself. He doesn’t even really know what Pilates is to know what that exercise is and it might even scare the desire to try Pilates right out of him. I’m not saying don’t post the pics of yourself. But, those are not the most welcoming images you could choose.

2. You’re mostly engaging with other instructors and Pilates studios
Back to #1, I love looking at pics and videos of fellow instructors slaying Pilates. I like to see inspiration or just people enjoying movement. But, unless I am trying to get those teachers into my schedule, engaging with them is not going to bring me new clients.

3. You’re talking about Joseph Pilates and the benefits of Pilates but not the benefits of working with you
Mr. Pilates was an awesome inventor! I love what he created, and I agree with a lot of what he said. You likely do too as you are teaching Pilates. But, future clients need to know how awesome you are. What it’s like to work with you; take sessions with you. What should they expect and what are the benefits of working with you?

4. Your posts are not showing the client experience
Have you ever posted a picture of an empty studio? I know your space is beautiful and you want to show it off. But, if I am looking for a place to do Pilates I want to see other people like me doing Pilates. Pics of clients practicing Pilates with you are great posts for your future client to see. In the follow up article I will cover how correcting this DON’T DO will help your business.

5. You’re answering the question no one is asking
This one is a bit trickier to figure out. I will be discussing this more in Part 2; however often our future clients are not searching for Pilates with Lesley Logan (insert your name here). They are seeking help for something they are experiencing. You want to be that something. If you’re posting pics, blogs, vlogs, etc. that are not answering what your future client is looking for, then you are on track to hear from no one.

6. Your clients are not on the platform you are using
Look at the clientele in your schedule, studio, and community. If you love using twitter and your clients are wondering where the power button is on their laptop, then you are not talking to your future clientele. You could be posting the most amazing content about Pilates for seniors, but only young twitter lovers see it. Plus, they are scrolling on by because you’re not talking to them.

7. You’re not blogging, vlogging or other google friendly actions
I know you’re often posting, but google doesn’t care how great your “gram game” is! So while you’re spending hours posting pics of you rocking Pilates, your website is just hanging out. Getting older. Collecting dust…looking “closed” to the google spiders. Yes, Google and other search engines have spiders and what they do is covered in this blog post here.

Before you hang you head and ditch all the pics and posts you have planned stay tuned for the follow up to this post: Tips For Curating An Experience Your Future Client Will Discover. Ok, so the title needs work but the tips are top notch!

If you can’t wait until the tips post or you just want more help on this topic let me know. Let’s talk! Join me on one of my fall webinars. Sometimes an outside set of eyeballs can help you figure out whats missing. But, I promise you it’s not hours of sitting in front of your social platforms liking and posting.

Lesley Logan

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PMA Certified Pilates Instructor

LESLEY LOGAN is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher and has been studying and teaching Joseph Pilates Classical Method since 2005 and 2008 respectively. She also has eight years of retail management experience, and six years managing studios regionally for Equinox fitness clubs. Lesley can be seen on PilatesAnytime.com, and recently has completed “The Work,” a masters program taught by one of Joseph Pilates “Elders,” Jay Grimes. Her book Profitable Pilates: Everything but the Exercises was the seed that grew her coaching business. For more information on these tips and others to market your business, check out these courses. We also have blogs and live business webinars designed to convert first-time clients into lifetime clients and more! Web: profitablepilates.com.