What we’re reading this month: April 2016

Each month, we’re asking our expert staff and experienced faculty what they’ve been reading in their spare time. We’ll be sharing their top picks and commentary with you on our blog.

Our Education Program Manager, Joy Puleo, has been reading about Pilates for sports training:

WorkoutCan Pilates really improve sports performance?
Athletes sometimes want to spend all their training time practicing the skills that they need for their particular sport, but that can often lead to overuse of certain muscles and thus imbalance. Pilates can help compensate for this by increasing core stability and improving alignment and muscular balance. Pilates also promotes deep strength, coordination and focus, among other benefits. In short, there’s growing evidence that Pilates can help athletes in any sport perform better.

Cardinals’ latest training method: Pilates
It’s no secret that more and more pro athletes are incorporating Pilates into their training programs. The St. Louis Cardinals are the latest team to see the light. They’ve added Pilates to their standard conditioning program in an effort to build flexibility and core strength along with muscle mass.

3 reasons Pilates should be part of a runner’s programme
Many athletes have adopted Pilates as an injury-prevention measure because it increases strength and stability and helps correct alignment and movement patterns. If you’re a runner, reducing the risk factors for injury is just one of the reasons to try Pilates. In this article, an Australian member of the Pilates community explains why runners can benefit from the practice.

The healthy way to train for a marathon
Spring is bringing runners out of the woodwork. Many people like to have a fitness goal to work toward, and for runners the goal is often to complete a marathon. There are healthy and unhealthy ways to train, though, and this article offers a quick list of tips to help you be successful – including varying your workout to enhance strength and conditioning. Pilates is a great complement to cardio training!