What we’re reading: January 2016

Each month, we’re asking our expert staff and experienced faculty what they’ve been reading in their spare time. We’ll be sharing their top picks and commentary with you on our blog.

Here’s what Balanced Body faculty member, Lindy Royer, has been diving into:

Resolutions to be a better skier? 11 Exercises to Boost Your Ski Fitness

“Ski season is here! As exciting as it is to be out on the slopes the sport has a very real risk of injury for even the most experienced skiers. As a former member of ski patrol, I know that there’s no way to prevent every injury. However there are many things you can do to reduce the chances. Improving core stabilization, identifying and resolving muscle imbalances, maintaining a neutral spine – these are all crucial in protecting your body. Core Pilates of Jackson Hole has listed some great exercises that will help prepare skiers for powder. For more, you can jump into Samantha Schmidt’s ‘skilates’ approach here.”

6 Ways Pilates Helps Athletes To Rehabilitate And Prevent Injuries

“Men have traditionally been a bit slower to adopt Pilates but that’s finally changing. The change is clearly demonstrated in Pilates’ adoption by male professional athletes and sports organizations. They are increasingly seeing the value of the discipline and recognize Pilates as an excellent way to develop strength and flexibility, as well as accelerate a physical rehabilitation program. The benefits aren’t limited to professionals. We hope that more guys follow the lead of the sports teams and athletes they admire, and begin relying on Pilates to feel stronger and healthier.”

At 86, She Still Works Out Six Days a Week

“I saw this inspiring story from Dallas and had to share. 86 year old Ethel LaBranche is a two-time cancer survivor that spends her free time teaching Pilates to others fighting the disease. She is inspiring in her own right, and showcases how Pilates can help people to recover from the most difficult health challenges.”

Are Sit-ups Bad for You?

“The sit-up has been a staple exercise for as long as most people can remember, from health clubs to military physical fitness tests. But lots of experts are saying that they may not be so great for you and there are better alternatives.”

Lindy Royer

About Lindy Royer

Owner, Park Meadow Pilates and Physical Therapy, Balanced Body Faculty

Lindy Royer is the owner of Park Meadows Pilates and Physical Therapy in Lone Tree, CO. She is a PMA-certified PT and a member of the Balanced Body faculty. In her role at Balanced Body, Lindy brings her expertise in physical therapy, movement understanding, and the latest research in neuro-science, to restore balance to the whole body for efficiency and healing.