What is Mindful Movement?

Hello! I’d like to welcome you to the first installment of our Balanced Body blog. We are very excited about this and hope you are, too. Our goal for this blog is provide useful information, resources, and tips for those interested in the life-changing benefits of mindful movement.

And we plan to tap into our diverse and knowledgeable community so that we get a variety of viewpoints That means you’ll see a lot of different voices on this blog – from Balanced Body employees to faculty members to enthusiasts.

For our first entry I thought I’d take a little time to answer a question I am starting to get a lot these days. I just mentioned the term “mindful movement”. And it is featured on our web site, at events we attend, in our ads, and a whole lot of other places (like the title of this post ☺).

MOTR classSo, what exactly is mindful movement and why are we making such a big deal out of it?

I like to think of it as exercise with a focus. It can contain components of strength training, cardio, core training, balance training and other stuff, but it takes a mental approach that requires you to really think about how you are moving in order to maximize your body’s potential. Pilates obviously fits this bill, and other products and exercise programs are also taking mindful movement in fun and challenging directions. The more people we get moving mindfully, the better off we all become!

Suspension systems, Barre programs, multi-functional exercise tools (like our MOTR) – you’ve probably tried or at least heard about some of these. All of them have a mental component that not only provides you with a killer workout, but simultaneously trains your body so that it moves optimally through everyday life and everyday tasks. That’s key.

So how does it help everyday activities?

Well, many times we use the wrong muscles (like our backs) to do things like bending over to pick up the newspaper off the driveway; or getting your child out of his or her car seat. Those seem like small things, but done incorrectly over time they can lead to strains, pulls and tears. Mindful movement teaches your brain to use the right part of your body so that no unnecessary strain is put on it, thereby decreasing the chance of injury. Our own experience in manufacturing has proven that moving mindfully is healthier and safer.

I like to think that the tools we have in place can provide everyone with a workout that can physically kick your butt and mentally kickstart you to a healthier lifestyle. I’m excited for us to usher in what we think will be a new era in fitness – the era of mindful movement!