There Is Life After Stroke

I am a stroke survivor and Pilates lover. I’m Turkish, 29-year-old  and I was a journalist before, my specialty was about basketball! Before having stroke, I had practiced Pilates as a hobby for 4 years in several different studios (France, Turkey, Czech Republic…)

 WhenI was living in France in February 2016, just right after my birthday, I had a stroke and I got a hemiplegia. My right side was completely paralysis. After 4 days in intensive care, I started to the rehabilitation intensely in Paris ,almost two months I lived with wheelchair, then small steps with walking stick…

Photo of caretakers and photo of chair workout

I was hospitalized for 6 month at rehab center and each time I was asking physios, “Hey! Will I be able to walk and do Pilates again?” and they always responded, “we cannot know Gamze!” That answer was killing each time… However, thanks to doctors and thanks to the Pilates I have regained my abilities. Well, now, nobody believes that I had a stroke!

This experience had showed me the importance of the Pilates for health. Doctors were almost sure that my recovery was faster due to the practice of it. And I was discharged from hospital in July 2016! Average period of staying at hospital is a year but I stayed only five and a half months. So I have realized that, I should share this experience with our Pilates community and those who have suffered from a stroke! Because, there is life after stroke!

Photo of Allegro 2 workout and Trap table workout

And I also realized that to help disabled people make me happier than if I continued my life as a journalist. I said myself; “Gamze, you love Pilates, why don’t you become a Pilates Instructor and help people? You can be a good sample and motivation for them!” I thought wisely… Now, I live in Malaysia (just for a while) and I have started learning Pilates professionally at The Movement Academy, Singapore.

The most amazing part is, I went back to the hospital where I was but this time as an apprentice Pilates Instructor and I did my observation hours at that Hospital Garche, Paris. I was a patient there and I went as an instructor, it was just too unbelievable… 

Photos of Reformer workouts

When I was at hospital and if someone said me “Gamze, you’ll recover, stop being journalist, do Pilates again and even you will be a trainer.” I probably was going to answer: “Hey man! What did you drink? You should be drunk! Look at me! I’m with wheelchair.” And now here I am.

I completed all my exams in June and have qualified Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Instructor. I have started introducing and teaching Pilates to stroke patients, disabled people and also sharing my experience with my clients.

To sum up, stroke and Pilates have definitely changed my life in a positive way.

Life is miracle and I believe miracles…