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Meditation & Motor Learning

Often times when I go through my own Pilates practice, I find myself thinking of about several different tasks at once which typically results in me cleaning the equipment and floors of the studio. Before I know it, my anxiety has dominated the time I allocated for my own self-practice, and I become that teacher of Pilates that doesn’t do nearly enough of the work himself. This can be extremely frustrating and something I am continuously working on.

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Inner Teacher

Five Simple Mindfulness Meditations To Enhance Your Movement Practice
Part 5 – The Breath As a Wave

The “wave breath” is a further exploration of how breathing as a mindfulness practice can insight awareness and change how we use the body. In this case we are guiding the breath to facilitate the natural wave it creates in the spine from extension, or arching on each inhale to flexion or curling on each exhale. Read more »

Inner Teacher

Five Simple Mindfulness Meditations to Enhance Your Movement Practice
Part 3 – Revealing Your Subtle Body

There are many wisdom traditions that talk about the subtle body. This includes yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism and others. However, we need not ascribe to a philosophy to understand, utilize and appreciate the subtle body, which can be simply described as your felt-sense of aliveness, the energy you feel that settles inside the boundaries of your physical form. Think of your subtle body as the field of awareness itself. Read more »