Summer Social! 3 Great Ideas to Make a Splash

Social media platforms are fantastic and FREE ways to promote yourself and business! Keeping up on them regularly and staying inspired with content can be another story. 

How do you organize your thoughts and deliver your expertise in a dynamic and captivating way to keep followers engaged, excited and fulfilled with the content you’ve provided?

Here are three great social media topics to wet your whistle and refresh your summer posts!


Summer heat, humidity and sunshine abound. Whether you are traveling, exercising or even just staying home and living your everyday life to the fullest, think about topics where beating the heat is of the utmost importance. Perhaps dig in deeper to SPF and the importance of using sunscreen. What are the best natural ones on the market? Which ones are easiest to apply and cover the best? Tie it in to what you’re up to and where you’re using your SPF this summer to captivate and have a conversation.



Summer vacations, trips, holiday homes and much needed time off are in full swing. Develop a simple bodyweight exercise or series that you can do ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. Have a little fun and get photos or video in a variety of locations and turn it into a contest or series if you dare!








Food and food photos/videos are a HOT TOPIC with a lot of attention. Regardless if you are vegetarian, vegan, paleo, ketogenic or low fat you can always back on whole natural sources of nutrition. What fruits and vegetables are in season and their benefits? Focus on your favorites, what you’re eating and cooking. Even share a recipe or two!

Remember, no matter how much or little you post, your content must engage your audience. Always remember to think about where you STOP scrolling on your social media, because that tells you how long your attention span is involved and the type of content which does not interest you.

The bottom line? Loyalty and engagement must be an experience, no matter where you posting or showing up. If you make it a good experience, you’ll only reap the reward of loyalty, retention and followers.

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