Pilates On Tour NOLA: One Epic Experience With 100+ Memories!

Words cannot explain the unbelievable weekend which unfolded at Balanced Body’s 100th Pilates on Tour in New Orleans. Yes, Elizabeth Larkam, Madeline Black and Tom McCook all returned to teach, but this was only the beginning! 

Enjoy some musings, outpouring of love, support, joy and celebration from those who taught and attended. The joy of Pilates, movement, inclusivity and honoring one another as teachers, movement practitioners, mentors and so very much more is alive and well!

“A real joy and honor to be in NOLA for our 100th Pilates On Tour for Balanced Body, Inc.! When we began with education and these events in 2004 I had no idea we would grow into this community. I hope to further the growth and inclusivity of Pilates and movement around the world. My heart is full!” – Nora St. John, Balanced Body Director of Education

“Grateful to all at Balanced Body for growing our community for decades and supporting movement education and evolution. An honor to be on the journey with Madeline Black and Tom McCook.” – Elizabeth Larkam

“Very grateful to have taught at the first Pilates on Tour in San Francisco with Madeline Black and Elizabeth Larkam 14 years ago and here now at the100th POT in New Orleans! Really looking forward to being with our awesome community of presenters and students. Thank you Balanced Body for your ongoing commitment to excellence, health and support.” Tom McCook, Owner, Center of Balance

“1-100 Pilates on Tour NOLA. We started at #1, joined together many times! Blessed to be with good company. Thanks to Balanced Body, Ken Endelman Al Harrison Nora St Johnand the whole B.B. team.” Madeline Black, Madeline Black Pilates

“Amazing Pilates on Tour 100th anniversary! Congrats to Balanced Body for reaching this milestone and a big thank you for helping to grow our community. Our parade down Canal St and Bourbon St was an incredible experience! Loved seeing you all!” – Karen DeMoor, Owner, Center of Balance

“Wow! The 100th Pilates on Tour in New Orleans did not disappoint! Truly an epic weekend of education, catching up with friends, and exploring the French Quarter.” – Nico Gonzalez, Owner, Fitness Physiques

“I have so much to say! My heart is full! My head is full and my body is happy! I never would’ve guessed that when I flew the coop 22 years ago to live in New Orleans that I would be who I am today. This is a true full circle experience. I am so grateful for my Pilates community. Pilates on Tour was amazing! I’d like to thank Ken Endelman for facilitating all of this. Al Harrison for choosing this spot. Nora St John for being an inspiration for me all these years. Nancy Myers for being a constant inspiration and friend. Tom McCook for opening my eyes to new ways of teaching movement. Nico Gonzalez for being a rockstar. Joy Puleo for making learning fun and funny. Viktor Uygan for just being amazing. And to my entire Pilates Balanced Body community, I simply feel so lucky to be a part of this with you all!” – Caleb Rhodes

“Pilates on Tour NOLA was the best Pilates on Tour I have ever been to. It came at a time I was truly missing my Pilates family and being around like minded people whom I love and adore. Amazing workshops, amazing conversations, and one heck of a Saturday night party. The second line parade shut down Canal and Bourbon street, that lead us to an all night dance party and balcony bead throwing extravaganza. A night I will always remember. I can’t thank the whole Balanced Body team enough for such a fun event.” – Taylor Lamanna

“My Balanced Body Family inspires me to reach for every dream. Anything is possible! The kindness and generosity that has been shown this weekend is what I aspire to in all aspects of my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” – Jessica Wade

“The warmth of making forever memories with amazing people! Balanced Body out did itself with the 100th Pilates on Tour in NOLA!” – RaeLea Saxton

“I love teaching Pilates because movement is joy, movement is love, and movement changes lives. Thank you to everyone at Balanced Body for the fabulous time had by all at the 100th Pilates on Tour! I have a full brain, a grateful heart, blisters on my feet from dancing, and inspiration from all the brilliant people I was fortunate to learn from! I am beyond honored to teach movement for such an impassioned and mindful company!” – Amanda Holt LeNaire

“What is left to say about POT NOLA? 100, bands, procession to Bourbon Street. All of that was great! Even better – creativity, community supporting each other and cheering each other on! Learning, playing and moving…nothing better. Thank you all who attended, all who taught and all who prepared!” – Joy Puleo, Education Program Director, Balanced Body

“Words cannot express the gratitude & happiness [this event brought]. It’s amazing to work, play, eat, sleep & do Pilates with these dear friends & colleagues. Thank you Balanced Body for bringing us together.” – Portia Page, Education Program Liason, Balanced Body