Office Chair Exercise Circuit

It has been 6 YEARS since I’ve had an office “retreat space” to myself. Largely the upstairs of my home has been relegated to storage, a couple beds, a bathroom and the option to, “just throw it in the first room and close the door!” 

This summer, I decided to take these spaces back, creating a space to meditate, move, create and work. In the short two weeks I have started this new habit, I’ve already noticed a huge difference in being both efficient and effective during my billable contract hours, as well as separating the always bound to my hip laptop from my personal life.

Fun fact, I’m also spending less on Amazon due to this newfound routine.

I’ve also decided to keep movement as a part of each hour when I am upstairs, so here is a little circuit routine for you to do along with me! The focus of this circuit is whole body and 3 exercises which target lower body, upper body, core.

Step 1: Set an Alarm

For every hour you are sitting, (or standing), at your desk, set a regular alarm to go off.

Step 2: Perform 1 Time Around

Perform the following exercises 1 time around. Depending on how many hours you are at your desk per day, you’ll accomplish that number of circuit rounds. My average is 3.

Lower Body: 25 Squats (try and touch your glutes to your chair top each time)

Upper Body: 25 Triceps Dips (watch the rolling wheels on chairs for safety)

Core: 25 Second Decline Plank (or incline to regress)