No Fail for Fall: Social Media Must Do’s

Social media content is great for building visibility for you or your brand, but only when it’s done correctly. Since back to school is in full effect and you may find the time to carve out your social media strategy a bit more, make sure you’re considering all of the following when captivating your audience.


Did you know that including and image, and especially the RIGHT image, can increase interaction on your post by up to 65%? (source: Brain Rules). Having a visual which ties back to your evoking text can jog a memory from someone who has seen that image for 3 days! This means that you need to make sure you not only include a photo, but take the idea of captivating your audience seriously!


No, not the console kind. Increasing the interactivity with your posts can not only be fun, but it creates a sense of involvement like a game. This could be as simple as asking a question or survey in one of your posts. For example, “Hey fitness friends, how many of you are interested in learning about the importance of HIIT training?” or “We’ve got this great idea to add Barre socks to our studio, which version do you like the best?” This quick, fun and interactive way to survey your audience and customers provides you with great information which you can use to your advantage and keeps those you social media-ize with a part of the process!


Afraid to start doing video? Don’t be. You don’t need to look or be perfect to add variety to your social media. You also don’t need to be “performing” a certain task or exercise. Video is proving to be a game changer on many levels for social media. Up to 73% of consumer marketers are using it to their advantage in some capacity. (source: Add Images to Improve Content Performance). Simply try adding video once a month to start. This could be a great customer review, an update or answer to questions you get a lot or even a live feed of something happening in your studio or facility.

Friendly reminder, no matter how much or little you post, your content must engage your audience. Always remember to think about where you stop scrolling on your social media, because that tells you how long your attention span is involved and the type of content which does not interest you.

Incorporate these three easy tools above to make your social more compelling and hopefully reap the reward of loyalty, retention and captivated customers.