Neuroplasticity and Pilates: Creativity With Brain Games

Heather McCash

About Heather McCash

Heather is a Certified Pilates Instructor, Writing Coach for Pilates Instructors and Author of But First... A Memoir of a Backwards Life. Heather started taking Pilates at her professional ballet school during high school. She returned to the method during recovery from a 15 year battle with Lyme Disease. Heather has been teaching Pilates and Barre in Nashville, TN for 8 years. Taking and teaching Pilates has been a crucial part of her recovery from Lyme. She has expanded her teaching to include a program, Writing for Pilates Instructors, to help teachers find their writing voice for promotion or self-care. Heather has been a featured writer on, and made the Best of Craigslist New York. You can follow Heather on Instagram @healthyheatherpilates or visit her website for more information. Her book is available on Amazon.