Moving Free! The Power Of CoreAlign With Upright Movement Training

The human body is fascinating. So are animals. On the CoreAlign, I feel like an animal. An organism. I stretch like a dog or cat, reaching my front paws forward. I run with the efficiency of the cheetah. I mobilize and stabilize with the support of my body. I am free.

As a young adult I dabbled in sports, but I was never a natural. While once at a seminar, I was observed walking without actually swinging my arms. None of this seemed strange to me. In retrospect, I likely looked stuck. Physically yes, and from the intangible mental elements of life as well. Introducing upright training on the CoreAlign unlocked a style of movement that I was unaware of.

CoreAlign workoutCoreAlign workout


Learning new things is easy as children, but as we age compensatory patterns creep in. As I began to work upright, I saw my past movement patterns clear away and the ability to move better appear. I also felt that invisible lasso around my torso fall off. My ballet teacher constantly reminds me, “It is more difficult to do something new or outside of what we feel is comfortable.” On the CoreAlign I push the boundaries of being comfortable and cannot take vertical movement for granted.

The finite balance of mobility and stability on the CoreAlign build a wonderful foundation to launch from. I find my body, mind, spirit and mental attitude are lifted. I feel mobile and confident after a session. I am liberated in my ballet practice, and my knees no longer hurt when running.

Working on the CoreAlign, and more importantly, the work I see my clients perform daily helps to set free powerful and improved movement patterns.

  • An 85-year-old client hops on the CoreAlign and baffles me by blowing through point walking. He steps off and is visually, physically different: upright and better aligned.
  • A golfer drops ten strokes off her game.
  • A young adult with severe multiple sclerosis, numb from the shoulders down finds the way to double hoof, ski jump, lunge, point, freestyle.
  • The teenage dancer with a spine as mobile as wet spaghetti learns the importance of stability in her flexible joints in order to dance better and prevent injury.

Try introducing more upright training in your life! The benefits will show with more core strength, stability, and better gait. The CoreAlign makes movement easy and efficient so that it becomes second nature! It unleashes our bodies from poor patterns and gives us the freedom to walk, run, stand, squat, bend, lift, push and pull with ease. Put your best hoof forward and experience the amazing benefits for yourself. Your inner animal deserves to move freely.

Lenny Reisner

About Lenny Reisner

CoreAlign Master Instructor

Lenny is native of Boston, currently residing in Brooklyn, and teaching at Pilates on Fifth in New York City. He came to the method in 2004 order to alleviate back pain, and found that the benefits were far more than just core strength, flexibility and tone. The increased energy, and overall feel of wellness in his life from Pilates inspired him to become a teacher. Lenny received his education through Balanced Body and is a CoreAlign Master Instructor. Under Katherine and Kimberly Corp, and alongside Laura Altman, he teaches CoreAlign modules at Pilates on Fifth. He is in the process of completing Shari Berkowitz’s Vertical Workshop intensives, stepping into the world of ballet, and rediscovering his joy of playing competitive ultimate frisbee.