Healthy Living: Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

Natalie Garcia

About Natalie Garcia

Purely Pilates Studio | | @purelypilates Arbonne International | | @purelivingwithnatalie I love my crazy life owning a Pilates studio, working in health and wellness, and running around with my amazing husband and four kids. I believe in taking chances and going after what you really want, not just what you think is possible! I am passionate about moving and eating for health and fun. I enjoy educating others on proper form, function, and helping others find the right recipe to reach their individual goals both in and out of the studio. I have always been passionate about fitness and health and dove into several different modalities before falling in love and passionately pursuing Pilates. I started my journey in massage school and decided to also pursue teaching fitness. While in massage school I certified as a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise instructor, and Mat Pilates Teacher. I taught and trained in all things but found myself coming back to Pilates with clients of all walks of life. I dove in full throttle and became studio certified with Polestar Pilates and later with Pilates Method Alliance. I loved that Pilates could be personalized and become the perfect fit for so many clients!