Getting & Keeping Clients: Maintaining & Retaining Your Clientele

In Part 2 of my Blog Series, we discussed the importance of Gaining Clientele & some common techniques that have been proven to work! Whether you’re aware of them or not, you are now, and it’s time to get hustling. If you haven’t already, let’s put some of my ideas to use, thus growing your client base. 

Let’s review:

  • Getting on EVERY Social Media platform that’s specific to your business to help your rankings -> YELP, Google My Business, FB, IG, Pinterest, and the list goes on.
  • Building a website for your business, whether professionally or through easy template apps, such as, this is essential for your business’s success because this is how Google and other search engines find you & your website.
  • Setting up Studio or New Client promotions
  • And lastly, never underestimate the power of WOM (word of mouth). You have no idea how many people talk…about anything, but likely about your class if it’s fresh in their minds, so make it stand out! Try and find a niche that no one else is doing and explore those skills, method and/or approach.

Once you’ve gotten your client in the door, now what? If you want to maintain and retain clients, you have to create a warm, inviting environment where they feel safe. Being friendly with a positive attitude seems like obvious behavior, but it’s actually a learned one. 80% of becoming a flourishing instructor is combined, social and communication skills. Not only are you teaching a person you’ve never met, not knowing their learning style, you’re also trying to keep the energy in the room uplifted.

As instructors we’re expected to be on 100% of the time. What we do for a living is a positive endeavor and you should have a positive attitude every time a client walks through the door. Of course, there are going to be times we’re not at our best, but you still must communicate to your client during their session. This builds trust and understanding between, and by communicating, combined with the ability to meet your clients goals, will keep them coming back.

I believe it all comes back to instructor-client trust. Your client trusting your instruction is beneficial and that you have their best interest at heart.

Gaining trust is your long-term goal, which leads to loyalty, and your short term goals, should be part of your everyday protocol as follows:

  • Do your best to NEVER cancel and/or change a NEW client’s appointment when they’re brand new to your studio. You do whatever it takes to make that appointment!
  • ALWAYS get your client to reschedule. Whether they’re leaving class, booking over the phone, or leaving on vacation, you must always insist they book to lock in their next appointment to promote ongoing training.
  • Continuously cancelling/rescheduling clients can be a slippery slope. Try and set a regular schedule for you and your clients and keep them in their “standing spots” for commitment and consist cash flow.
  • Stay focused as an instructor, not a friend. Give them the BEST workout that’s well suited for their specific needs.
  • Making sure your routines are progressing and regressing according to the needs of your audience.
  • Remembering details about your client, the last vacation they went on, their daughter’s name, their backstory, etc.
  • Be respectful.

I also love to teach clients how to incorporate Pilates in their everyday lives and that it’s more than just a workout.

In closing, remember that Pilates is technically a “luxury item.” While we as instructors believe that EVERYBODY needs Pilates, our clients are typically paying us several hundred dollars a month to train with us vs. paying MUCH less to join a gym. When you put it in that perspective, it should give you not only great joy, but gratitude that your clients and customers keep coming back every week!

What’s New?

To learn more about “How to Be a Successful Instructor/Business Entrepreneur,” you can reach out to Ashlee at to inquire more info, set up a workshop OR buy her 2-Part manual to train your own students! Owner & Master Trainer, Ashlee Carignan, successfully booked her newly expanded studio-PWA, in just under a year.

She graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing & Business. She’s always been a Type-A–creative person, an unusual combination that keeps her business and Brand thriving!

What’s next for Ashlee and PWA?

After teaching for more than a decade, I’ve developed, with Joe’s Methodology inside me, “The PWA Method.” I’m already practicing it and have seen the results, I can 100% guarantee results in ONE month if clients come 2x/week.

I hope one day I’ll be training & imparting my knowledge onto others, which is another passion of mine. Pilates isn’t just about having a long, lean, body. It’s about perfecting the mind, body, and soul — and that’s Pilates With Ashlee’s mission. Website: Instagram: @pilateswithashlee

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Ashlee Carignan

About Ashlee Carignan

My Pilates career began 10 years ago when I completed an intense certification program of the Ivan Dahl Method. I was quickly addicted to the practices of Pilates and became excited by the idea of building a career centered on teaching people Joseph’s theory of complete coordination between the body, mind, and spirit. It’s been nothing short of a gift to work with men and women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds on their physical, mental and emotional transformations. Empowering individuals through Pilates is my calling, my passion, and truly a gift. To show someone what the body is capable of through focus and perseverance, has allowed my clients to align their mind with their body and fully realize what they are capable of. Pilates isn’t just about being long and lean, it’s about perfecting the mind, body, and soul — and that’s Pilates With Ashlee’s mission. Web: Instagram: @pilateswithashlee