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What’s affecting your mindful movement business? Resources, tips and advice for fitness professionals.

Getting & Keeping Clients: How To Gain, Maintain, & Retain!

Welcome to part 2 of my blog series which breaks down three of the MOST important guidelines, tools and their implementation, thus making Instructors as successful as possible. These tools are a small glimpse into my Training Manual, “PWA’S: How to Successfully Build Your Pilates Business.” Buckle up, it may seem like a bumpy ride, but I’m here to walk you through these steps in a fun and enjoyable way! You can catch up with Part 1 of my series here! Read more »

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Attract New Pilates Clients, Part 2

Last time we were together I covered seven reasons why your Social Media isn’t helping you market your Pilates business. This time, let’s talk about some things you CAN do to bring new clients in and have control in doing it. After all, once you post on Social Media, you have no control over who sees your stuff and when. Let’s take back some of that control and get your Pilates business in front of the eyes of your future clients. Read more »