Balanced Body MOTR: Challenging Yet Easy

After taking home this device I realized that I had found a piece of equipment that I could quickly and easily implement into my outpatient physical therapy practice.   The Balanced Body MOTR allows even the most deconditioned individual to perform challenging exercises to work the core, shoulders, legs and back.  With the MOTR system you simply use the upper extremity arm pulley system unit that has adjustable resistance levels with or without the large firm bolster.  I work with mostly a geriatric population and it is truly exciting to find a product that can do so much and offer so many options to my clients no matter what their level of fitness.

MOTR workoutWe start our clients off with the use of just the arm pulley unit. The unit has some good weight to it and just holding it overhead is challenging to some.  They are placed on a mat table on their backs, and just the weight of the arm pulley unit allows them to perform scapula stabilization exercise.  As the patients progress we add the arm pulley unit and attached the pulleys to their feet and with knees bent have them slowly bring one knee to chest while keeping their arms straight overhead as we cue them to engage their core.

After a while when they can perform the bent knee exercises easily and correctly, we simply make it more challenging with the use of straight legs using the arm pulley unit or we place them on top of a bolster to make it even more challenging.

For all or our posture and shoulder patients we incorporate the large body balance bolster, and something start a patient on a ½ bolster first, then we move to the larger firmer body balance bolster.  We find that use of the arms on the larger firmer MOTR bolster allows patients to feel what it is like to bring their shoulder blades toward their spine and pull the shoulders down to engage more of subscapularis/rhomboid muscles, to help with their posture and eccentric muscle control.

Our physical therapy clinic recommends this product as a great addition to your facility or your home fitness regimen.  The Balanced Body MOTR is “Great for all ages, fun and easy to use yet challenging”.