Balanced Body: In The Mix!

Let’s spice things up with a little music. Please allow me to introduce our latest segment, In The Mix. Every now and again, we will be inviting instructors, employees, friends and all sorts of interesting people to create music playlists that emulate zest and help give us a taste of their personality.

I am going to kick off our first installment with a handful of ‘70s jazz-fusion paired with some mellow pop songs of the previous decade. Play this one in the car at magic hour and thank me later.

Stay tuned to see whom our next guest DJ will be and what they’ll be playing for us!

-Scott K


Scott's Playlist


Scott Kartagener

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Scott Kartagener recently moved cross-country from New York to Sacramento - with his wife and daughter - to fill Balanced Body’s Videographer position and to escape the worsening Northeast winters. When he’s not working he usually spends his time hanging out with his family or skateboarding.