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Videographer at Balanced Body

Scott Kartagener recently moved cross-country from New York to Sacramento - with his wife and daughter - to fill Balanced Body’s Videographer position and to escape the worsening Northeast winters. When he’s not working he usually spends his time hanging out with his family or skateboarding.

Scott lying on the ground next to his skateboard

Plagued With Injury: My Pilates Story!

Being a skateboarder, I am constantly plagued with injury. I currently have a bruised left hip, a tight sharpness going across my right kneecap and some lingering pain from when I sprained my wrist over six months ago. That’s all fine with me. You’ve gotta’ pay to play, as they say, but my gripe is that due to these injuries I cannot exercise like I normally do. I feel myself transforming into a slug. Read more »

Grace dancing

How to Survive a Family Road Trip

My girls and I took a little weekend road trip down to Encinitas, CA for my cousins wedding. From our home in Elk Grove it is a round trip of about a 1000 miles.  I gotta’ tell ya’, we ate those 1,000 miles for breakfast. You may be asking yourselves “Scott, how did a 6’ 3” gentleman with disc issues, such as yourself, so easily handle being crammed in a car over such an extended period of time?” Well, today is your lucky day because I’m about to tell you. Read more »

Scott and Mom

Hiding Mom’s Cigarettes

When I was little I used to hide my mom’s cigarettes. She would scream at me until I caved and gave them back. Another thing I would do was dramatically pretend like I was suffocating whenever she would smoke in the car. I would give my mom a hard time about smoking every chance I could because I love her and I wanted her to be healthy. She never really tried to quit though. I think I needed to be more persistent with my pestering and not worry about the consequences on my end. Read more »

Bucket swing

The Bucket Swing: Using Mindful Movement in Everyday Life

My three year-old daughter, Grace, has really been into going on swings lately. I think she likes the chance to be able to kick me with both feet at the same time. We happen to live directly across the street from a park. The park has two swings, but they are both rubber bucket swings. You know, the type designed to prevent babies from falling. Read more »