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Cinzia is a fully certified Professional Pilates Teacher from 2001, a PMA CEC Provider a Balanced Body BODHI Educator and a Balanced Body ThinkFit! Enthusiast. She is also a National PoleSport IPSAF Judge and a PoleSport Coach. She has a 10-year background as a gymnast and found that Pilates reflected the discipline and precision she had acquired through her gymnastics training. She is specialized on Pilates method application to aerial arts and gymnastic athletic preparation. She strongly believe that the body can achieve phenomenal results if guided from a strong and focused mind. She owns (together with Maximilian Stohr) the Atelier Pilates Studio in Rimini.

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Gymnastics & Pilates: A Fantastic Friendship!

Gymnastic athletes are being groomed at younger and younger ages. Many factors play into this, and as the level of competition rises, trainers want to help their athletes excel while also preventing injuries. Regular Pilates practice is one way to reduce injuries, increase body awareness and enhance coordination, but I couldn’t help doing a little digging about the link between gymnastics and Pilates. Read more »