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Founder, Skillful Teaching

Chantill Lopez is the founder of Skillful Teaching - an online and in-studio educational resource and coaching platform for Pilates and yoga teachers around the world. She focuses her teaching and writing on supporting the Inner Teacher as well as the Technique Geek to provide teachers with a strong and dynamic foundation from which to craft lasting success.

Inner Teacher

Five Simple Mindfulness Meditations To Enhance Your Movement Practice
Part 5 – The Breath As a Wave

The “wave breath” is a further exploration of how breathing as a mindfulness practice can insight awareness and change how we use the body. In this case we are guiding the breath to facilitate the natural wave it creates in the spine from extension, or arching on each inhale to flexion or curling on each exhale. Read more »

Inner Teacher

Five Simple Mindfulness Meditations to Enhance Your Movement Practice
Part 3 – Revealing Your Subtle Body

There are many wisdom traditions that talk about the subtle body. This includes yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism and others. However, we need not ascribe to a philosophy to understand, utilize and appreciate the subtle body, which can be simply described as your felt-sense of aliveness, the energy you feel that settles inside the boundaries of your physical form. Think of your subtle body as the field of awareness itself. Read more »

Inner Teacher

5 Simple Mindfulness Meditations To Enhance Your Movement Practice:
Part 1 – Breathing the body into the present moment

Our bodies are magnificent teachers. They lead us to joy, awareness, and wakefulness. They facilitate – and enhance — all of life’s experiences both beautiful and painful. Yet actually being present in the body can be less than easy, often less than comfortable, and sometimes entirely unthinkable. Read more »