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Adam McAtee

About Adam McAtee

Adam McAtee has been teaching Pilates since 2010 and is classically certified through The Pilates Institute of Southern California. With his lust for further education Adam has chosen to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology Exercise Science at California State University Long Beach in which he is currently enrolled. Adam has spent his years teaching in boutique studios, big box gym, schools, as well as physical therapy clinics. Through the diversity of these settings Adam has expanded on his classical training to include more contemporary as well as therapeutic exercises to add more tools to his tools box. To get in touch with Adam you reach out to his Instagram feed @Adam_McAtee_Pilates.

Meditation & Motor Learning

Often times when I go through my own Pilates practice, I find myself thinking of about several different tasks at once which typically results in me cleaning the equipment and floors of the studio. Before I know it, my anxiety has dominated the time I allocated for my own self-practice, and I become that teacher of Pilates that doesn’t do nearly enough of the work himself. This can be extremely frustrating and something I am continuously working on.

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