Attract New Pilates Clients, Part 2

Last time we were together I covered seven reasons why your Social Media isn’t helping you market your Pilates business. This time, let’s talk about some things you CAN do to bring new clients in and have control in doing it. After all, once you post on Social Media, you have no control over who sees your stuff and when. Let’s take back some of that control and get your Pilates business in front of the eyes of your future clients.

To take back the control we need to look at your website. If you think you can build a site and then forget it, I promise it will also forget you. Your website is like your store front. Most people are not walking by our doors anymore when they are looking for something. They are surfing online for it. And, if your website is old, outdated or not mobile friendly, (is not set up to be easily viewable on a smartphone), then you will not make those top pages of anyones search. This means no one will find you.

THREE things to get more eyes on your site:

1) Update your website regularly
A blog will help, because every time you post, it updates your site. It tells the search engines that your site has something new, thus they come over and read what it is. Search engines put your website in front of current and potential clients. They will come back again and again because they know they can get the right information or answer to a question. So, help the engines out and give them some good content to put in the eyes of your next client. If you’re wondering what you would write about just look at all those Instagram and Facebook posts you are already doing. They are mini blogs. Write about what you teach, what new offerings you have, do a piece on a client in your studio, share a client testimonial or three. Give some insight into who you are and what you do. BONUS: you can re-use this content on your social profiles.

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2) Talk about what Pilates is like with you!
I know it’s a common practice for Pilates instructors to use “lengthen and strengthen, correct posture and imbalances” but our clients are not searching for that in Google. They are searching for things like “help with lower back pain.” Or, “tips for relieving stress.” Sit back and think about who you are as a teacher and what clients experience when they are with you. What is the benefit of taking with YOU? Use this language to rewrite your “About” page on your site to be all about what it’s like for a client who works with you or takes in your studio. What benefits are they going to get? How will they feel when they leave?

3) Add links to your social profiles
This is so future clients have the opportunity to get to know you more before coming in for a session. Recently, there was a study that said 60% of customers buying decision is made before they walk into a store, or in our case a studio. That means they are already more than likely to purchase from you now they just have to feel it in real life. Your profile for your business should be another avenue for them to see what it’s like to work with you as a teacher. Keep this future client in mind as you post content to your profiles.

The best thing about being in the Pilates business is that you can still market the old fashioned way. Go directly to the consumer and tell them that you are the Pilates instructor for them. I cover this in my blog about “attracting new clients.” You just need to know: who you want to be teaching, why you’re the right teacher for them and how they can schedule with you!

I know marketing is the last thing you want to think about or spend money on, but I promise you don’t need to spend a lot, (or any), but you do need to think about it. It’s your Pilates business after all. I know this can feel like a lot of info and I dove deep into “becoming known” and “blogging” in my most recent webinar series available here. If you are interested in viewing my past webinars are attracting new clients, social media and your website, please contact me here.

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