Accidental Pilates Enthusiast

Prior to being a fitness professional, I routinely attended a mat Pilates class in my community for ten years. I enjoyed the class very much, but the mind-body connection never occurred to me.

I enjoyed the class mostly because of its social aspect. I saw the friendships as a great way to get out of the house as a stay-at-home mom. Fast forward ten years, I lacked the energy to continue to attend the mat class due to an undiagnosed endocrine issue that drastically zapped my enthusiasm to keep up my attendance. Since I am not one to stand back and let issues such as this take over my life, I began to do some research. I began to realize that along with proper nutrition, mind-body movement has many benefits, including detoxifying the organs. I slowly began to return to the vibrant person I once was. Looking for a way to help other women with similar issues, I noticed an area of study that could possibly be a solution for many of us. I was like a sponge, quickly absorbing all the information I could possibly contain. I took the opportunity to become a Certified Personal Trainer so I could pass my Mind Body Specialist exams. Little did I know what would occur over the next two years of my new career!

I followed protocol, and began doing postural, flexibility, and mobility/stability assessments on my clients. Analyzing those findings along with my clients’ goals in mind, I noticed many Pilates exercises would serve my clients well. In so doing, I created a Dynamic Core class that was adaptable to any fitness level. Being the curious person that I am, I began to delve more into the “WHY” behind how the Pilates method was helping my clients so well. I noticed one of my clients, with two curves in her spine, was beginning to achieve more stability and balance. I began to notice another client achieve increased endurance with less pain through Pilates, while another client experienced impressive strength gains over a period of a few months. In studying more on the subject of orthopedic exercise, I began to see most of the recommended exercises were based on the Pilates method. The following links have been helpful to prove my findings.

Research Gate – The Benefits of Pilates Exercise in Orthaepedic Rehabilitation

Research Gate – Do Pilates-based exercises following total knee arthroplasty improve postural control and quality of life?

As I continued to work with these clients in a private setting, I realized there was one important component missing from their routine—the one I so enjoyed as a Pilates student ten years ago!

So I began to create workshops that would bring my clients together. I opened up my home kitchen to hold a small gathering of these women. This is a hands-on opportunity to create perfectly portioned meals in a workshop I call “ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN”. It is the perfect opportunity to not only get my clients together in a much needed social setting, but also incorporates the nutritional aspect that worked so well for me as I overcame my undiagnosed medical condition.

The rapport and great friendships I have gained in these special women have been invaluable to me. I look forward to the vibrant future Pilates has afforded my clients.  I have absolutely no regrets in the path that was spread out before me those years ago, because in hindsight that journey brought me to this place where I can fondly recall how I became an “accidental Pilates enthusiast”!

Lisa Dudash

About Lisa Dudash

Lisa Dudash started her fitness career at age 45 after experiencing a complete health transformation of her own. Entering the fitness industry as a Certified Personal Trainer has been her vehicle to educate others. After establishing Flow Fitness, LLC, she began to encourage women of all ages to live a lifestyle of optimal health and wellness. Starting out volunteering as a wellness ambassador in her local community, she quickly noticed a need to educate on topics of nutrition and weight management as well as improving movement patterns through targeted exercise. Therefore, to stay on top of her game in order to help more women, she started her continuing education and received four specialty certifications (Mind Body, Orthopedic Exercise, Senior Exercise, and Functional Training) within a two-year time frame. You can connect with Lisa via Facebook at lisa.dudash and Instagram @lisadudash