Scott lying on the ground next to his skateboard

Plagued With Injury: My Pilates Story!

Being a skateboarder, I am constantly plagued with injury. I currently have a bruised left hip, a tight sharpness going across my right kneecap and some lingering pain from when I sprained my wrist over six months ago. That’s all fine with me. You’ve gotta’ pay to play, as they say, but my gripe is that due to these injuries I cannot exercise like I normally do. I feel myself transforming into a slug. Read more »

Bodhi workout

Inspiring Future Instructors! Being A Mentor Studio

One of the many rewards of owning your own studio is to create an environment to not only offer movement training, but to also offer a place for future trainers to learn!  It has been my pleasure over the last 10 years to be a Master Instructor for Balanced Body offering teacher training courses. As with many training courses, there is an additional requirement for registrants to complete – personal and practical sessions!  Read more »