Bucket swing

The Bucket Swing: Using Mindful Movement in Everyday Life

My three year-old daughter, Grace, has really been into going on swings lately. I think she likes the chance to be able to kick me with both feet at the same time. We happen to live directly across the street from a park. The park has two swings, but they are both rubber bucket swings. You know, the type designed to prevent babies from falling. Read more »

The Absolute Center Endeavor Program

The Absolute Center Endeavor Program: Bringing hope, and results, to those with spinal cord injuries (Part Two)

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article originally appeared in our 2016 catalog. For Part One please see our March 18 post.

Arash was one of the first to come on board and thinks that Pilates is a great fit for SCI clients. “What I found with Alejandra and NKP was noticeable and fast progress. SCI is a devastatingly slooooow injury to recover from. Read more »