Stroller Plank

Stroller-lates! Spend time with your baby AND workout!

Being a busy, working full time mom of an infant can pose a challenge on your workout time, no doubt about it. I think all of us moms have been there. We strive to be the best parent we can be and we miss our baby while working, so we get those guilty feelings when we sacrifice some of their awake hours to hit the gym rather than spending it playing with the baby. Read more »

Using mindful movement for pre-hab

Total Hip Replacement—Using Mindful Movement For Pre-hab and Rehab Part 4

Editor’s note:
Lindy had total hip replacement on October 23 of this year. She was skiing seven weeks later. She wrote two posts on how she used Pilates and mindful movement to prepare her for surgery. In her last two posts (including this one) Lindy reflects on how Pilates is expediting her post-surgery rehab.
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Musical Notes

Music as Motivation

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” – Lao Tzu

Music has a unique power. It can mirror our moods, lift our spirits, and speak for us when words fail. A song can be an anthem of empowerment, move us to tears, help us work through a breakup, or get us dancing. Without music, Jaws, Halloween, Psycho and countless other horror and suspense movies would be rendered blah. Read more »