Inner Teacher

Five Simple Mindfulness Meditations to Enhance Your Movement Practice
Part 3 – Revealing Your Subtle Body

There are many wisdom traditions that talk about the subtle body. This includes yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism and others. However, we need not ascribe to a philosophy to understand, utilize and appreciate the subtle body, which can be simply described as your felt-sense of aliveness, the energy you feel that settles inside the boundaries of your physical form. Think of your subtle body as the field of awareness itself. Read more »

Using mindful movement for pre-hab

Total Hip Replacement—Using Mindful Movement For Pre-hab Part 2

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series dealing with Lindy’s use of mindful movement to prepare herself for hip replacement surgery. Lindy will also be blogging about her post-rehabilitation experiences.

When one joint stops moving optimally, all systems are affected. The body becomes a bit like a dysfunctional committee, with some parts doing all the work, and getting frustrated and exhausted, while others go on vacation and don’t do much at all! This is what we call an imbalance, and is what leads to poor surgical outcomes if not addressed, because the pre-op patterns persist even after the pain is resolved. Read more »

Sitting Box workout

Pilates and Breast Cancer

Editor’s NOTE: In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we thought we’d revisit one of our newsletter articles showing how Pilates can be a great benefit both before and after breast cancer treatment. An interesting read with some very applicable points.

Breast cancer is currently the most widely diagnosed cancer in women in both the United States and Europe. This sobering fact impacts us all, not just as therapists and Pilates instructors serving others, but also is likely to hit close to home. Read more »

SmartBells workout

Leave it at the Door

Pilates has to be the most rewarding profession any person could hope to find in their teaching career. I love to teach. Hand’s down, there is a passion that lives inside that sustains the weeks and months that pass, and I have yet to experience boredom in a subject matter that offers the infinite possibility to learn every day. It is why I chose this field. Read more »