Dana home workout

It’s Back-To-School Season. Are Your Clients Ready For Homework?

Here’s the scene.

You’re at the studio teaching and finishing up a session with your client. The session ends with you and your client discussing a muscle imbalance that was worked on during the session. You describe a few specific exercises and stretches that will help improve this imbalance and recommend your client practice them at home. You’ve given them homework! Read more »

Inner Teacher

5 Simple Mindfulness Meditations To Enhance Your Movement Practice:
Part 1 – Breathing the body into the present moment

Our bodies are magnificent teachers. They lead us to joy, awareness, and wakefulness. They facilitate – and enhance — all of life’s experiences both beautiful and painful. Yet actually being present in the body can be less than easy, often less than comfortable, and sometimes entirely unthinkable. Read more »