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Meditation & Motor Learning

Often times when I go through my own Pilates practice, I find myself thinking of about several different tasks at once which typically results in me cleaning the equipment and floors of the studio. Before I know it, my anxiety has dominated the time I allocated for my own self-practice, and I become that teacher of Pilates that doesn’t do nearly enough of the work himself. This can be extremely frustrating and something I am continuously working on.

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From Neuroscience to a New Barre Biz!

Pilates and I don’t go way back. In fact, exercise and I don’t go way back. I was the kid in school who never ran, who never played a sport and who got picked last for all the team games. I was always skinny so the need for exercise evaded me for most of my years. Since university, long hours in investment banking meant that I began to suffer from back pain, then knee pain and soon after, all sorts of little niggles & aches that wasn’t appropriate for a woman in her mid 20s.

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