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Music is my life blood and I have a broad palette. My weekly if not daily hobby is searching for new music. I am often asked how I can listen to so many different types of music in one playlist but I believe talent transcends and the genre does not matter.

This playlist is a mix of old and new with chart toppers and break out artists. If you are open I guarantee they will get your soul grooving a bit even if you are not partial to the genre.


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Founder of California Pilates

Lencola Green, founder of California Pilates, is a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor with over 12 years of teaching experience focusing on women’s health, postpartum recovery and nutrition. She received her Pilates training from Val Russel and Susan Himes-Powers and postpartum training from "The Pelvic Girdle” author, Diane Lee. California Pilates is an online/in-person coaching business for postpartum recovery and return to fitness that was created to fill the lack of information and resources available to new mothers. The online courseware took over a year in development and allows busy mothers to train when in person meetings are not possible. For more information go to: