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People doing gymnastics

Gymnastics & Pilates: A Fantastic Friendship!

Gymnastic athletes are being groomed at younger and younger ages. Many factors play into this, and as the level of competition rises, trainers want to help their athletes excel while also preventing injuries. Regular Pilates practice is one way to reduce injuries, increase body awareness and enhance coordination, but I couldn’t help doing a little digging about the link between gymnastics and Pilates. Read more »

Mind the Pain

Minding The Pain: Moving With Mindfulness

One of the most challenging periods of my life started on a rainy day in February 2014. I was training Yoga teachers at a leisure centre around 30 miles from my home when I slipped on a patch of water, carrying files through the facilities entrance. I landed on my left hip, essentially “squashing” my Sacroiliac (SIJ) joint and fracturing T7, (one can only assume through vibrational shock or some kind of violent lateral shunt on landing). I had been an exercise/Movement Professional for over 15 years at this point and felt that if anyone was able to rehabilitate themselves from such an injury, it was me. Read more »